About project

Nowadays the painted decoration of domestic architecture located in castles, town houses or mansions, represents a part of our cultural heritage almost unknown to the general public, and, up to now, it has not been interested by an  inventory at national level, even less at European level. However a body of knowledge on these works, documentary, historical and technical resource, would be indispensable for painters and restaurateurs involved in these works: this gap is therefore a risk to the preservation of decoration itself.

Decorum project therefore proposes the development of a common methodology for the creation of an inventory about the domestic painted decorations, through an exchange work in three scientific workshops. Cards and descriptive protocols will be realized and tested in each country. Subsequently this methodology will be validated through field testing. The realization of this inventory – using an analitical scientific protocol, based on existing protocols actually used in different cultural institutions – will enpower each institution of new information.

The database – accessible to professionals, through the creation of a website – will finally offer the opportunity to a better knowledge and comparison of different styles, supports and techniques, and it will allow to deepen eventual connections and diffusion of decorative models on a European scale.

The project will realize a brochure with advices and recommendations for all private owner of historical decoration, in order to encourage them to become aware of the importance of preserving this heritage. Decorum will involve the private owners and ask to actively contribute to the enhancement of the cultural heritage by opening their historical buildings and showing the decoration inside, during the European Heritage Days. Finally, an illustrated publication both for specialists and general public will highlight the most interesting decorations catalogued during the project, analysing techniques, history and  authors.